What others are saying about Dad Cents:

“We as a family are learning together and will do what it takes to learn & model what Dad Cents and our Bible teach us about money.  With the knowledge, I have combined with the help of Shane’s book and what is taught to us from the Bible I am feeling more confident we are on the right track.  Our girls will learn & grow with us.  Setting the example & working with them must be done on a consistent level.  We will strive to do so & use the outline Dad Cents has given me.”


“Dad Cents shows you principles not just from a numbers perspective of the money, but also how to instill godly principles into the hearts of the next generation so that we may leave a legacy that God will say well done, my faithful servant.  This book is for anyone who has the role of teaching the children of this world, whether you are an aunt, uncle, grandparent, parent, single parent, we can all use extra help to navigate the waters of training up children.”


“My son was already in college when I read Dad Cents. We missed out on some of the concepts that would be taught to children at an earlier age, but the material in the book for older children was very helpful. My son got his first car about six months after I took the class. He and I talked about all of the ideas mentioned in the book, expenses that come with owning and operating a car. We made all the decisions about how each of those expenses would be paid. College is expensive, but scholarships helped a lot. We worked out all the details mentioned in the book about summer job income, keeping track of expenses and credit. As a dad, you always want to have open communication with your kids about financial matters.”


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Dad Cents is a book devoted to helping dads & moms teach their children about money.  In Shane's 10 years of experience in financial consulting he saw and experienced the results of families inability or simple disregard for passing financial education from generation to generation.