Burst my bubble!

Kablam! is the sound heard when a punch balloon, for sale like the one seen in this video, advice explodes.  We heard this sound twice over the last two days at our house!  My oldest daughter was responsible for both balloons popping.  On accident, viagra sale she successfully broke both of her sisters balloons.  She felt terrible both times the balloons exploded as she cried and was very remorseful for her actions.  I actually was watching her one of the times and they were both total accidents.  But once again, it was teaching time!

Whether or not she intended on popping the balloons, she was still responsible.  We have a family rule that if you break something, whether accidentally or on purpose, you pay to replace the item.  We believe in teaching our daughters to take responsibility for their actions.  Saturday morning we jumped in the minivan and made the short drive to Walmart.  We finally found the punching balloons (they are not in the toy department but instead are in party supplies.)  Since we had to ask for help in locating the balloons we had a Walmart associate with us as we discovered the balloons.  But as we picked up the bag of balloons it was very evident someone had taken one of the balloons.  The bag had a big hole and only three of the four balloons were still in the bag.  Fortunately for us this was the last bag in the store.

As we walked to the cash register I inquired to the Walmart associate if we  would be able to purchase the balloons for less than the $2.00 marked price since one balloon was missing.  I told her I would be willing to pay $1.00 and she accepted my offer!  Here is a copy of the receipt.

What a day!  Two lessons from one balloon popping.  As we drove home I asked our oldest daughter again why we purchased the balloons and who paid for the balloons.  She told me because she popped her sisters balloon and she paid for the balloon.  I then asked her if she would rather pay $1.00 for a balloon or $.33?  She told me $.33 and we discussed how I was able to negotiate with the employee because even though the product was not whole in our case it was acceptable.

I want to encourage you to be intentional about teaching your children biblical principles of money!

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