10 Principles of money to teach your children in 2010

Money has a huge impact on your children now, for sale later in life when they are adults and maybe even parents as well.  You have a tremendous responsibility that can effect generations to come.

  1. Ownership – Your kids understanding of their ownership role with money and possessions play a role in a how they treat their family and others.
  2. Managing – Managing is the active part of ownership.  Give your kids an allowance so they can begin to learn how to utilize the money.
  3. Trustworthiness – Developing trustworthiness in your children now will provide opportunity as adults.
  4. Accountability – Give your kids responsibility with money or possessions and hold them accountable.
  5. Generosity – Your children must learn to think of others with their money.
  6. Effectiveness – Your example in getting things done (being effective)so your children learn to get things done will be significant to your children.
  7. Faithfulness – Not only saying you believe something but following through.
  8. Efficiency – Teach your children to figure out the best way to get things done and invest their money.
  9. Disciplined – Teach your children to resist the temptation of quick pleasure versus hard work to attain a higher goal.
  10. Contentment – Teach your children to be happy with the material possessions they have.

Dads, decease the current trend is to take care of the earth but we have an even greater responsibility and that is to take care of our family.  Have a great 2010!

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