11.8.2010 Proverbs 8:13

Proverbs Post #15-

Today I was reading in chapter 8, and verse 13 convicted me today.  It says:

8:13 The fear of the Lord is to hate evil;
I hate arrogant pride and the evil way
and perverse utterances.


I was very convicted today as I read this verse in particular.  I have read verse 13 many times but today as I read I could not escape the thought, “Do you really hate evil?”

Let me explain.  I do hate evil.  I hate murder, rape, child abuse, and many other evil things but I could not escape thinking, “Do you hate EVERYTHING evil?”  I am a male and so I struggle with pride but do I hate evil enough to flee my pride?

What about you?  Do you ever say anything you wish you had not said?  Perverse utterances refers to saying destructive things.  Have you ever said anything that is destructive to someone’s character, personality or friendship?

I was convicted today that God hates everything evil, not just the big things in our life.  He hates little white lies, cheating on taxes, looking at things we should not, reading things we should not and thinking about things we should not.

How much do you hate evil?

I want to challenge you to take up reading the Proverb of the day and the entire chapter as well.  Lord, please help each one of us to keep our focus on things above and not the things of this earth.  Amen.

I am using the Net Bible to quote from for these posts.


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Monday, November 8th, 2010 Proverbs

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