2.1.2011 Proverbs 1:4

Proverbs Post #32-

Today I was reading in chapter 1, click and verse 4  jumped out to me today.  It says:

1:4 To impart shrewdness to the morally naive, viagra
and a discerning plan to the young person.


Are you teaching your children about money?  Do you plan your purchases well?   What kind of a model are you? 

I usually write to parents to encourage them in instructing their children but today I want to ask you some questions! As I was reading through the chapter today, I realized that each of the descriptors, “naive, young person” is relative.  I am a naive, young person relative to my grandparents!

Proverbs has wisdom for everyone, at any age.  Each one of us needs to be shrewd with a discerning plan, no matter how old we are. Today, I want to encourage you to be prepared!

Are you helping impart shrewdness(through Proverbs) to the morally naive(yourself included)?  

I want to challenge you to take up reading the Proverb of the day and the entire chapter as well.  Lord, please help each one of us to keep our focus on things above and not the things of this earth.  Amen.

I am using the Net Bible to quote from for these posts

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  1. i need to grow in this area my friend. thanks for sharing!

  2. Chris Spradlin on February 2nd, 2011

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