10. Shop on Tuesdays

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10. Shop on Tuesdays

You might think this sounds a little odd and wonder how the day of the week matters, medicine but let me explain.

In most retail establishments Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the largest traffic/shopping days of the week. More people means more accidents such as torn bags, displays falling over and any other mishap you could think of occurring. On Monday, the store employees clean up from the weekend traffic and make special packages for those who are shrewd shoppers.

Therefore, Tuesday, is the day to look for these special packages. By special packages, I mean the products that have been in an accident and are currently marked down from their retail price for quick sale. If you know what to look for, spotting these products is typically, quite easy. Most retail sellers have their own marking system but they will typically have a special sticker, special place for mark downs or some type of repackaging.

For example, I will share my last experience using this method. Our yard was looking a little thin and the dandelions were thick, consequently I was going to be in the vicinity of my local home improvement warehouse stores. It just happened to be Tuesday, so I stopped for lawn fertilizer and grass seed. Upon arrival, I walked directly to the yard care section of the store and proceeded to look for damaged bags or bags that were wrapped in another bag. I quickly found a bag of each product that I sought and found a store employee. After our conversation, the bags of fertilizer and seed that were originally priced at $80 plus tax, I purchased for $40 plus tax!

Is it possible to use this idea for every purchase? Maybe, but I will make one promise. If you do not try, you never will make it work.

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Friday, May 20th, 2011 Financial concepts

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