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My name is Shane Barkley, author of Dad Cents and President of Dad the Family Shepherd.  You might ask “Why is a book like this needed?”  If you would research the availability of materials for dads you would be surprised.  Your surprise would come from the amount of or better yet the lack of assistance for dads in regard to teaching Biblical principles of money.

My passion for this subject comes from my 10 years experience in the financial consulting field and the fact that I have three daughters myself. One truth in financial consulting field was at the forefront during the writing of Dad Cents.  That truth is no matter how good the information may be it has to be practical and easily applicable or the information is useless!

Dad Cents includes Biblical truths along with practical tools to give dads the ability to teach their children.    Over the last several years I have asked many dads one question.  “Do you want your children to know more about financial matters than you did when you left home?”  Every dad has given the same answer, “of course!”  The natural follow up question is “What are you doing to make that happen?”  At that point every dad realizes the situation but few feel they can make a difference.  Most dads want to teach their children about money but feel ill equipped to do so.

How many times a day do you think about money?

The average person you think about money countless times a day.  Do I get a
latte today?  Does my car need gas?  Do I have enough money to ride the subway or get a cab?
Do I give money to the homeless guy sitting outside my office building?

Where did you get your financial knowledge?  Most acquire their financial education from
the school of hard knocks.  Where class is always in session and includes experiences such as
risking too much money in market, being late on a payment or racking up credit card debt on
stuff they really do not need.

How effective was your dad teaching you about money?

A survey shows that 100% of dads would like their children to leave home knowing more about
money than they did when they left their parents home.  The problem, dads want to teach their
children but do not have the tools or know how.

Being wise with money is not simply a list of do’s and don’ts.  A foundation which includes
learning how to think about money is an essential aspect of teaching your children about money.
Dad Cents will give you the tools and know how to change this trend that is happening in your
family and families all over our country.

Dad Cents will give dads the ability to give their children a Biblical foundation on money and the practical tools for everyday living!