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O’Fallon, IL – First Baptist Church – Feb. 26, 2011


The Bonded Family presents:


From Broken to Blended to Bonded

Saturday November 13th
or                                        Saturday November 20th
8:15 AM to 4:15 PM                                                                                                       8:15 AM to 4:15 PM

Church Leadership / Host for the event is:                                                     Church Leadership / Host for the event is:
First Baptist Church of Harrisonville                                                                 First Baptist Raytown

Click here to sign up for the Nov. 13 th event:                                             Click here to sign up for the Nov. 20th event:

You will leave the workshop with:

  • Improve StepParent-StepChild Relationships
  • Greater  Marriage Teamwork & Communication
  • How to co-parent with ‘other house’. (‘The Ex’)
  • “What a Child Sees, Feels and Hears”
  • Family Court System Coaching
  • Family Huddles and Bonding Traditions
  • Greater Understanding of Stepfamily Dynamics
  • Practical Tips to Succeed Week to Week
  • Coaching & Sharing via Small Group Breakouts
  • Answers from Multiple Live Q&A Sessions
  • Lots of new friends… just like you… and then a drive home load of smiles, ideas and plans

“If we only knew THEN, what we’ve learned from you NOW.”

Our goal is to share our 15 years of ‘THENs’… to help you… ‘NOW’.


Iron Sharpens Iron – Sept. 11,2010 – Rogers, AR

I hope you enjoy these pictures from the Rogers event.  The keynote speakers were awesome and my workshop was packed!  We could not fit another guy in the room.

»Keynote Speakers

Bruce Wilkinson

Bruce Wilkinson has written over 60 books in 30 languages, including The Prayer of Jabez, the fastest selling book of all time. He launched Walk Thru the Bible Ministries in 1976 and it became the largest religious seminar organization in the world. Dr. Wilkinson has conducted and keynoted national leadership conferences around the world but his greatest passion is to speak into the lives of men.

Don Davis

Don Davis is the Chaplain and an assistant strength and conditioning coach for the New England Patriots football club. He played his final four seasons in the NFL with the Patriots after 11 seasons with the NFL on March 1, 2007. Don is currently serving as one of the Pastors at Living Waters Christian Church in Attleboro and Norwood Massachusetts. He was ordained on May 20, 2007 by the IFCA (International Fellowship of Christian Assemblies).