What?  Dad Cents is not just for dads?  Over the last several months I have watched moms experience the same “ah ha” moments as dads do while reading Dad Cents.  Several of these moms are willing to share their experiences with you.

You and I know how important it is to manage our money. We want to teach our kids to be financially savvy, but it is difficult to know how and when to do it. Dad Cents written by Shane Barkley outlines Biblical stewardship and provides practical tools for how to teach our kids financial principles. This book will give your husband the confidence, vocabulary, and tools to begin this very important conversation. Don’t let the title fool you. Dad Cents is for moms too. Reading this book will help you and your husband develop a strategy to teach your kids about being a wise steward of God’s resources. It answers common questions about allowance, teaching generosity, and the fundamentals of budgeting. All of those resources in one book.

Angela Mackey, BSN, RN


As a single mom of four children, I attended classes with Shane Barkley, learning the principles of money for my family.  As a single mom I do not have that partner to help navigate financial issues in our lives.  I however, want my children to know how God sees what we should do with our finances and what our state of heart should be.

In Shane’s book, he states, “Some people will always give more than I do, and some people less, because of what God has chosen to give each of us. So none of us should beat ourselves up or feel inadequate as stewards because of what we can or cannot do in comparison to others. God has His reasons for giving us what we have. We are accountable to do our best with it, for His glory.” My family does not have a lot compared to others, yet we do the best we can to help others, to minister to others and to be servants for Christ.

Shane’s information shows you principles not just from a numbers perspective of the money, but also how to instill godly principles into the hearts of the next generation so that we may leave a legacy that God will say well done, my faithful servant.

This book is for anyone who has the role of teaching the children of this world, whether you are are an aunt, uncle, grandparent, parent, single parent, we can all use extra help to navigate the waters of training up children.