The Dad Cents seminar combines biblical principles of money with economic and practical, age based concepts that are easy to use for dads and moms.

Dad Cents One Day Seminar from Shane Barkley on Vimeo.

Seminar topics discussed are:

  • Constructing the correct foundation for your family
  • Learning about the D-A-D-S approach
  • How to assess your personal financial knowledge
  • Practical steps to modeling healthy financial choices for your children
  • Age based biblical, practical and economic concepts
  • How to take the information learned and apply it to your families life.

Regardless of your kids age, this seminar provides a roadmap, based on the Bible. You will be able to answer yes to the question: “Are you helping your children know more about money than you did when you left your parents home?”

Hosting requirements:

We ask that a host church commits to a minimum of 25 paid attendees and the only expense we ask the host church to cover is travel expenses.  The cost of the seminar is $40 per family(we encourage churches to invite dads and moms because they need to be on the same page).  The $40 provides for one copy of Dad Cents, a seminar manual and the seminar.  If a host church has more than 100 prepaid attendees, we will cover the travel costs. Our desire is to make hosting an event feasible for as many churches as possible.  We have promo videos, powerpoint slides, pdf copies of announcements and brochures for email, copy for bulletin inserts, logos and any other materials for promotion of the event.

*Click here to read a chapter of Dad Cents*

If your church or group is interested we are currently scheduling seminars around the country.  Please fill out the contact form below or call 785.806.3237 to request information.

Seminar Brochure-

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