11 questions to think about in 2011!

The last week of the year I always spend time thinking about where we have been over the last year and where we are headed for the upcoming year.  As I was contemplating 2011, ambulance I realized that God had blessed 2010 and had shown me a few things that parents were struggling with.  I compiled a list and wanted to share these 11 questions with you to prompt your thinking for 2011.

  1. Do I want my children to know more about money then I did when I left my parents home?
  2. Do I own the things that are in my possession?
  3. How can I be a successful manager of the possessions in my control?
  4. Can my children learn about money and character at the same time?
  5. Do I need to improve my money management skills?
  6. Do I give my kids an allowance?
  7. At what age are my children ready to learn about money?
  8. How will I teach my kids about money?
  9. What kind of example am I to my kids?
  10. Should I help my kids begin a business?
  11. What questions need to be asked when I consider buying my teenager a car?

I will be writing about each of these questions over the entire year of 2011.  Of course, cialis the answers are in my book, story Dad Cents as well.  Have a great year!



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