The top 10 things I learned in 2010!

The last week of the year I always spend time thinking about where we have been over the last year and where we are headed for the upcoming year.  As I was contemplating 2010, I realized that God had blessed the year but had also taught me a few things.  I compiled a list and wanted to share the top ten with you.

10. I have a tendency to work too much.

Running a one-person ministry is a huge challenge.  I am the janitor, president, book keeper, author, marketing director, executive assistant and the list goes on.  I always have one hundred things that need to be done and never enough time.  So, I work in the evening or on the weekend which takes away time from my family.  I am purposing to become more focused, which will improve my ability to be effective and efficient to curb this tendency.

9.  Don’t give up your carryon bag when traveling overseas.

My trip to Romania in early December 2010 was exciting in several ways.  I had my first experience of my luggage being absent six days of the eight day trip!  Not cool.  I gave up my carryon bag instead of insisting that I keep it.  I had two extra pairs of jeans and my medicine in the bag.  This lesson will not be forgotten.  

8.  I love going to Europe.

Before 2010, I had not been to Europe.  God blessed me with the opportunity to visit twice in 2010.  The history and culture of Europe are fascinating and continues to draw my interest in returning.  More importantly, I see God moving in a really amazing way in Eastern Europe, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to be used through my book, Dad Cents.

7.  I love coming home to my wife and daughters even more!

Traveling has been awesome but as my return trip nears, I have experienced a fresh excitement to return home.  I love experiencing new things, and so I feel I need to explain a bit.  I never want to leave home but the excitement of Europe, ministering and seeing God move always tug on me.  Simply stated, without my wife and daughters I have a hole in my heart.  I love coming home to them!

6.  Sports are not important.

My wife and those of you who know me well are not going to believe I am writing this.  For me, sports played a great role in molding me into a team player, taught me many fantastic lessons, helped me develop physically but at a specific time in my life.  I have fallen into the trap of watching tons of games, reading too many articles and neglecting the time I should be spending other places.  I have not watched a full NFL game this season and until last night ( I am writing this on Dec. 30) had not watched more than 10 minutes of a bowl game!  This is not to pat myself on the back but to give some of you an idea of where I am.

5.  Money is a much broader topic then I had even imagined!

God continues to teach me every day, and as I have a fresh perspective, I see His truth in a new light.  He has shown me that we use money or something represented by money, somehow, someway in everything we do.  Did you ever wonder why there are more verses about money than any other subject?  I did and God has opened my eyes as to the reason.  With God’s leading, I will continue to develop thoughts and applications on this idea.

4.  Why I have a thorn in my flesh.

Some of you will think, uh, duh, but I had an epiphany in November.  As I struggled, once again, with my thorn, I asked God to take my thorn away!  By the way, I am very familiar with the whole idea of why Paul had his thorn and his writing in II Corinthians but sometimes experience is the best teacher.  I did not hear audible words but in my mind was the thought, “Because, YOU (Shane) need to trust in Me and not do things on your own!”  I know my thorn is to keep my eyes on Him and not the world.

3.  I have the tendency to see the direction God is moving, get very excited and then run ahead of Him.

Wow, I do not think I need to explain much on this one.  Prayer is the key to moving at God’s speed!

2.  God WILL provide.

I cannot tell you how many times this year God has come through at the last minute.  Whether health in was due, a house payment or many other needs, we received exactly what we needed!   is so hard not to worry, but I am getting better.   am so grateful for God’s people listening to His direction.

1.  I am in ministry to honor and glorify God and not for other people.

Once again, some of you may wonder why it took until this year to learn a somewhat obvious concept.  Several times this year I was treated differently than I thought I should be.  As you might think, I was upset by these actions and confided in a couple of close friends.  One of the friends helped me see it is so easy to put our efforts into helping others see how important the things are we think God is telling us instead of doing those things!  Furthermore, if God is telling you to move forward, does it matter what they think?  I realize that everyone I meet will not jump on the boat.  I was getting mixed up with their reaction and what they thought instead of who the real audience is;  God.  He is my motivation, my all in all, and the source of everything.  I need nothing else.          

I have learned not to dwell in the past but learning from our history is very important to avoid repeating the same mistakes.  I would challenge you to look back and see where you have been, if it was profitable and where God would have you go in 2011! 

Blessings to you and your family.


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