11.19.2010 Proverbs 19:11

Proverbs Post #24-

Today I was reading in chapter 19, and verse 11 jumped out to me today.  It says:

19:11 A person’s wisdom makes him slow to anger,
and it is his glory to overlook an offense.

“A person’s wisdom makes him slow to anger,” may be a shocking statement to some. We have the tendency to think our rights allow us to express anger when we are wronged.  Another penchant is to jump to conclusions when we are not patient.

“It is his glory to overlook an offense,” offers a different thought process that we are accustomed to utilizing.  Why?  We want justice.  I might suggest that you, nor I always know the circumstances of many situations.  Have you ever unintentionally had something backfire as a result of misread intentions?  I have seen and experienced evenings and family excursions ruined by quick anger.

Are you slow to anger?

I want to challenge you to take up reading the Proverb of the day and the entire chapter as well.  Lord, please help each one of us to keep our focus on things above and not the things of this earth.  Amen.

I am using the Net Bible to quote from for these posts.


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