11.23.2010 Proverbs 23:12

Proverbs Post #26-

Today I was reading in chapter 23, help illness and verse 12 jumped out to me today.  It says:

23:12 Apply your heart to instruction
and your ears to the words of knowledge.

“Apply your heart to instruction” is a great command for kids!  It means to apply your heart or mind in the process.  We see many kids today going through the actions because their parents never teach them the reason for obedience.  Josh McDowell told me, view “Without a relationship they are just rules!”

“Your ears to the words of knowledge” simply means to pay attention.  This is such a struggle with kids because most kids are too poor to pay attention! We need to add “emotional money” to their account by spending time with our kids.

Will you take the time to build a relationship with your child(ren) as a foundation for instruction?

I want to challenge you to take up reading the Proverb of the day and the entire chapter as well.  Lord, please help each one of us to keep our focus on things above and not the things of this earth.  Amen.

I am using the Net Bible to quote from for these posts.


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